Terms And Conditions

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1. Your Account

1.1 Creation – Account creation and activation is subject to the receipt of appropriate payment.
1.2 Payment – The Sprint Media Design local search engine submission is based on the agreed upon monthly fee. Initial billing is submitted upon the completion of the signup process, at which point recurring billing is initiated. All future billings will be submitted on the original signup date in all future months. Prices are subject to change; however, you will be notified with 45 days notice, via your supplied contact email address, of any such changes before they go into effect, and you will be given the opportunity to cancel your subscription should you so wish.
1.3 Duration – Your account will remain active from the point of account creation to the point at which your account is cancelled in accordance with any of the points detailed in Section 2 (Account Termination).

2. Account Termination

Your account will be terminated under any of the following conditions:
2.1 Subscription Cancellation – You may cancel your subscription at any time by informing Sprint Media Design in writing. Please allow three full business days from the point at which your cancellation request is submitted for the request to be processed, at which point all future billings to your account are terminated. You must cancel your account 7 days prior to the billing date for the said month.
2.2 Subscription Failure – If a due subscription payment fails to be made, your account may be canceled. Potential reasons for subscription payments failing include the card number changing, the card expiring, your billing address having changed, or having insufficient funds available. You may receive a warning email that your account will be suspended if authorization cannot be achieved which encloses directions on the methods to rectify the situation and provide us with updated billing information, if necessary. After this point, your account may be terminated within a specified period of time.

3. Refunds and Guarantee Policy

Per Sprint Media Design, the refund and guarantee policy is bound by the following conditions:
3.1 Refunds will be provided if your site is not listed on page 1 of yahoo & google after 45 days of activation* of google local listing account. If we are unable to show you evidence that your search engine listings are showing up in the above-mentioned search engines within the above-stated time-frame, then you are entitled to a full refund of the original fee.
3.2 We provide guarantees to local business listings on Page 1 on Google and yahoo after 45 days of activation* of google local listing account. Your business will come up on, up to 5 keywords. We guarantee placement on 3 keywords and will place up to 5 based on availability.
3.3 We provide no other explicit guarantees regarding results from our service. Specifically, we provide no guarantees as to hits, rankings or other metrics.
* Activation is done when we enter the code provided by google at client’s physical address.


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