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Mirch Lifestyle

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India is one of the fastest growing democracies in the world. There are a billion plus people each on a financial and social growth spur. The country represents the biggest marketshare to thousands of companies selling lifestyle services. 

Mirch Lifestyle encompasses all of India onto a single Website through useful content. All original articles are provided by Mirch Media as we constantly research the latest trends, the happening news stories and the it concerns of the moment for the popular South Asian subcontinent. 

From Bollywood to Ayurveda, India's culture is vast and rich comprising of polar opposites. The yin and yang of India's present state and a Website dedicated to tying up with products, services while providing genuine and 100% original content, the creation of Mirch Lifestyle is one of the bigger scoped projects Mirch Media has assumed complete responsibility for to date.


Advanced Dental Care

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Being a dentist anywhere in the United States is a tough job. The competition is as stiff as if you were a pizza parlor in New York City. To stand out, you need to do two things really well: treat your patients properly, ensure that they can find you.

Our goal for Advanced Dental Care was to design a Website that would drive more patients through the doors of their two clinics in Long Island. Each providing its unique blend of services, we focused primarily on making simple, information driven Websites that would ensure that the dentists were trustworthy professionals who were of a class all their own.

The task was to engage the user and we did so by utilizing easy to use appointment features, a graphically strong presence to keep visual interest on the content.

In addition, we helped the dentists get their social media logo and background in order so that they could take patient care to a whole new level via personal tweets.

A dentist can be found on nearly every other street in New York City. Our Website design for Advanced Dental Care made them stand out of the bunch and ensured new patient care their way through a visually stunning and easy to navigate Web presence.


The Fez

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Website & Logo Design
Social Media Consulting

How do you bring the taste of Morocco and the vibe of New York City to a small town in Connecticut? Well, that's exactly what The Fez, a very chic and heavily frequented restaurant in Hartford did. For their Website, they wanted all the features and feel worthy of their Zagat rated service and cuisine. 

Keeping in mind that the unique food and the superbly entertaining nights out are have earned The Fez rave reviews should be kept center stage of the site. 

The Website features a full on screen menu to avoid the hassle of pdf downloads, easy to use directions, contact us buttons and professionally shot photos of the food and events. 

To keep the buzz of Fez spreading, we also initiated social media engagement via Yelp and Twitter and designed specific logos and backgrounds to match.

The Fez is the most happening Moroccan restaurant and our Website design showcases their very best.


Gurjeet Guest House

Located in the heritage city of Amritsar (Punjab), Gurjeet Guest House is a relaxing and peaceful retreat amidst hustling environ all around.

It is just less than a minute walk from the Golden Temple. The ideal location of Gurjeet Guest House places its guests within comfortable distance from not only all the connective ports (airport, railway station and bus terminal), but also from the major city attaractions. Being in close proximity to the local markets, gives guests a reason to explore them at ease.

The management at Gurjeet Guest House since its inauguration has left no stone unturned to make it into a peerless niche with best hospitality.


Car Insurance Searcher

The task to finding any insurance and getting a reliable callback is tough. The task at hand was to ensure maximum number of consumers signing up via the Website with little to no interference.

Insurance is complicated. Web design's job is to simplify the long process of obtaining insurance. 

We went with a superbly eye pleasing landing page with the focus being on a two level form that leads further into the Website. The number of sign ups have shot through the roof as a result. Constant activity is driving traffic onto the site and the optimized landing page design is helping gain new consumer confidence for the Website. 

Truly a win win scenario.


New Airways

A longstanding signature travel agency in New York City wanted to finally get a makeover. Going from a single page Website with little information or excitement to a fully functional travel Website was the task at hand.

New Airways now features functionality that rivals top level travel portals like expedia and priceline. A fully functional airfare, hotel and packages search package now graces the main page. Not only that, but special travel and tour packages can be ordered and viewed completely online.

Professional photographs, carefully chosen layout to increase consumer confidence were the top level priorities when doing the redesign of New Airways' site. The accomplishments speak for themselves.

A truly marvelous experience for the end user who can now find deals and contact information much easily and the sales have also increased as a result of more consumers developing a trust and rapport with the agency.


Program match

Thousands of unemployed people are looking to gain an edge over their competition. The goal? To land a job. The means? Higher education. The demand for university level education has increased tenfold in the past 2 years and with it, a lot of programs are available to cater to a wide variety of interests.

Program Match is a one of its kind Website that allows students to connect with the university that will yield the greatest benefit to their academic as well as professional careers. A lot of choice driven functionality is present on the Website to make the process of getting a higher education as easy as possible for the most basic of online services users.

Program Match came to us with the requirement of a simple, easy to use, but 100% accurate system that gets updated real time to match the programs and the user's choices.

It is great to see the success of the site as thousands login daily to the Website and connect with a program that will lead them to a brighter future.


Shyne Consulting

Our professional email hosting service is ideal for businesses or individuals looking for a reliable email solution featuring webmail, POP3 IMAP, and SMTP. We offer spam virus protection, archiving and a host of other features. Our email hosting service is compatible with Outlook and other third party email clients.


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